The Montessori Institute of Valencia

Why AMI?

The Montessori Institute of Valencia is affiliated with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the international organization established by Dr. Maria Montessori herself in order to maintain the integrity of her work.

An AMI teaching diploma opens doors to a alive Montessori experiences with the best trainers and the most deeply knowledge of the Montessori pedagogy, bringing the opportunity to teach around the world.

Walking consciousness, walking thought.

The Shen resides in the Heart

The Montessori Institute of Valencia is the place where you can plant the seeds of community, a place that facilitates healing for us while we help others find the healer within themselves, where we can look back twenty years from now and say this is where it all began.

This is a sacred space full of love, compassion and the values that Maria Montessori brought us through her legacy. We believe in the change and it has to start with respectful citizens who could feel the transformation of the spiritual, and mental human beings, considering the attitude and humility as a parents or educators the most important value that make all the rest sense. We are grateful for creating a common home where you can be yourself and grow personally and professionally.

Vision. Critical Sense. Joy and Meaning. Courage. Authenticity. Respect.

The Montessori Institute of Valencia is the servant leader of Valencia and International Montessori movements. It contributes to cultivation and development of education on national and international levels. In the area of education The Montessori Institute of Valencia is a respected partner to parents, state institutions, business sector and media. Its most important goal is to collaborate on the promotion of Montessori-based Education for Life in all the different options possible and with the best quality standards of the AMI, its main mission and start of operation being AMI Guide Training.

The teacher of happy children

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was born in Chiaravalle, Italy in 1870, and she became the first woman to receive a degree in medicine from the University of Rome, Italy in 1896. As a physician, Dr. Montessori was in touch with young children, and she became profoundly interested in their development. Through years of careful and exhaustive scrutiny of children across races and cultures, Dr. Montessori saw that children construct their own personalities through the choices they make while interacting with their environment. She closely observed the manner in which children learn, through watching them work with the developmental materials she created over time. Those materials were designed to enable children to teach themselves, through their own, proactive efforts of exploration. Her conclusions were founded on a solid grounding in biology, psychiatry and anthropology, and grew into a rich, integrated approach to education. She continued her observations throughout her life, widening and deepening her understanding of child development and pedagogy until her death in 1952.

After living through two world wars, Dr. Montessori became profoundly concerned with the question of peace. She wrote, “Establishing a lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” She was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize and captivated the attention of the greatest minds of her day like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Rabindranath Tagore and Mohandas Gandhi. Today, Dr. Montessori’s philosophy of peace is still highly relevant in a constantly changing and unstable world.

Our team

At The Montessori Institute of Valencia (MIV), our exceptional Montessori trainers have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

Sonia Mocholi

Founder & Co-Director

Ms. Sonia Mocholi, co-Director and founder of The Montessori Institute of Valencia, has been part of the Montessori community in Valencia for several years, both as Guide and as founder of Valencia Montessori School (VMS), besides having organized AMI courses for Assistants 0-3 and 3-6 of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) since 2012.

About the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

Dr. Montessori herself founded the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in 1929. She designed the AMI training program to maintain the integrity of her life’s work, and to provide a practical means for passing it on from teacher to teacher through the generations.

AMI is the internationally-recognized authority on Montessori education, and directs studies in affiliated teacher-training institutions around the world. During its long history, AMI has fostered the growth and development of Montessori education practices and standards through active work with member schools, teachers and educators.

Regular conferences for Montessori educators such as “Refresher Courses” and International Congresses have served as an important venue for the exchange of ideas within the Montessori community. For more information, visit AMI’s website.